With such a bad forecast, maybe you would like to go to Disney instead! Well, they have a Holiday special! Please check on my good friend’s site and contact him for your needs! Disney Fans of Loudoun County

Needless to say, a lot of rain is on the way. The National Weather Service has upped areas of Northern Virginia rain totals near 9 inches by Friday. Flash flood watches have been posted and heavy rains should begin later this afternoon and especially this evening for those areas. In the meantime showers and storms have already formed and given some as much as an inch or more of rain today. Scattered showers and storms should continue with steadier rain picking up this afternoon. This weather is the most immediate concern so that’s really all I want to talk about. Tonight through tomorrow night will be the wettest times. You still have a few hours to check drains clear gutters as needed but your time is short. Also expect to see weather-related challenges including flooded roads and some flooded basements and other areas. It is time to be a neighbor and help each other out if you can. Showers are still possible Saturday but General drying should occur after the morning of Saturday. As of now, the forecast next week is looking dry. Beyond this, we will watch to see if there will be any tropical related influences to the weather.

There is a chance that part of the region will see some stronger storms as well, so please be safe today and stay weather alert! NO DRIVING in water covered roads. Sinkholes and other hazards could be just below the surface!

All for now but Please stay safe.