Nice Weather will end as rain chances increase.Severe Possible Friday!

April Showers on the way!
Spring Showers will be numerous starting later today and tonight and continuing through Friday. Today there is a chance of Showers and Thunderstorms. Highs will come down after today but still be warm for this afternoon. Tomorrow and Thursday highs will be only in the low 60s north and mid an upper 60s to mid 70s south due to the persistent clouds and rain chances. More thunderstorm threats will continue for the southern portion of the Mid Atlantic. As th powerful front that is providing the front running rain finally arrives Friday, numerous showers and thunderstorms could also become severe due to the strong dynamics available. The Severe Storms Prediction Center has outlined parts of the region for the potential of severe storms. See this link:;=3&type;=swo&alt;=plot_prob&config;=spcmaps,png&hwvusename;=probday3_swo&spline;=3

The weekend will not be as warm as last, but it looks seasonal temperature wise and it appears that the rain will clear or finish clearing by early Saturday!

All for now!