Nice day for some, but rain southwest and southeast- all slowly turn to clouds – light rain

We will have another nice day, but clouds will start to filter out the sun as the area is going under easterly winds. The questions on the future of the weather is how much the Low off the East coast, as it drifts north and how close it is to the coast. We will have to see. I do suspect the mountains will see more clouds and showers in the next few days. I do think the coast will also see a cloud deck come onshore and then sending the area into a cooler pattern. There is a chance that it could get rather full of drizzle starting Tuesday, but light rain showers could be present tomorrow later in the day straight through Thursday.

Southwestern Virginia and Western North Carolina as well as far eastern North Carolina could see rain, and much of the west and east are in clouds.

Tropics Remain calm.

What will the winter hold? I do not know yet, but there are some interesting things that are showing up that make me think this could be a stormy and snowy one for many areas. More coming on this, and this year I WILL post a winter weather outlook sometime later in October or possibly early November.