Little mix – lots of rain – Severe

Sorry for the lack of posts! The forecast has been so complicated for this week as there are several pieces of energy during the week and the idea of which system would be the biggest system was seriously mishandled by models.

Yesterday’s surprise rain was the first part of the puzzle. It brought in a little colder air. If the next system had been the strong system, it would have caused some snow with it. It still will cause some mixing along the Piedmont and higher elevations, but the system is not going to able to create enough dynamics to be a bigger system and cause serious snow threat.

The MAIN EVENT is a strong Low that rides along the Ohio Valley and will stream tons of moisture this way! That poses a flood threat as we are so saturated! What is also important is the chance of a squall line, or line of strong storms! This one could do it! The Severe Storms Prediction center has already outlined the risk for Severe Wednesday!

So we have a lot going on! Flooding rains and severe weather are the headlines instead of snow!

Long Term? 

The pattern looks colder than normal and there are a few chances of a system that could be wintry! This year has really only had one clear pattern for wintry weather (the one that gave us the blizzard) and the long term remains a bit muddy!rainthisweek