Heavy rains, coastal floods, drier north. Long range?

The low on the east coast is slowly creeping north and the northeast over the weekend. The persistent easterly flow will cause a continuation of rain that has already accumulated between two and as much as five and six inches in some areas. As of now the places with the most rain have been the higher terrain of Southwest Virginia and Western North Carolina as well as coastal areas. Rain has been very slow to make it in the north due to the dry air that has been filtered down from the north due to a strong high pressure. As this high to the north start lifting to the northeast, we should see more moisture slowly spread north overnight and into Sunday. This will mean areas of Northern Virginia and even Maryland will see some rain. The rain will not be very heavy in Maryland or Northern Virginia except in the higher terrain of the area to the west and southwest. In those regions may be up to an inch of rain will occur. The rain will start to depart on Monday from the northern areas painting clouds will slowly disappear for a cool season of all week. As we look towards the next weekend another low pressure could be coming from the golf as well as an upper level system which will combine for a possible scenario for at least the southern mid-Atlantic. In the very long range there are definite signs that a change in the weather will occur in cooler conditions will be more likely that that may not come until late in October. The pattern is definitely going through some changes and this will mean that there are more possibilities 4 low pressure systems and rain chances.


Of note, the persistent flow on the east coast is going to cause moderate to even major flooding on the coastal areas of southeastern Virginia so please be alert and do not drive through flood waters.