Flurries and cold today. Cold Monday.Mixy snow. Warmer – but maybe not as warm!

The temps are down again this morning into the teens and 20s as many still have some snow pack. Today could feature some flurries in the north and a few rain showers southern half of VA. Nothing substantial. Cold air remains tonight and tomorrow. A warm front approaches tomorrow night and causes some precipitation. The current concern is icing for the northern half of VA, into MD, PA, DE, NJ. MD could see 1 to 4″ of fresh snow (more as you head north) and PA 3 – 5″ seems possible into NJ.  Yjr esr front would initially bring sno and sleet that would mix more with sleet and freezing rain and then end as light drizzle.

My thoughts are here, and just preliminary. Not certain I will go into full map mode for this event. This is all PRELIMINARY Thoughts!

Mixy Mess Monday Night

A mix of Snow, Sleet, and Freezing rain Monday Night

Tuesday will see highs in the 30s north, 40s for most of VA and 50s in NC.

Wednesday add 10 degrees to that and get northern areas well into the 40s, VA into the 50s, and NC into the 60s!!

Rain chances start showing up on Thursday. Temps in the northern half of the region should be in the 50s and southern VA into the 60s with NC seeing some 70s!

The 70s in NC will only fall to the 60s over the weekend with the rain chances. In VA and MD the temps will level off into the 50s. This was not quite as warm as I thought. That being said, Sunday we may see a surge to the 60s and 70s in VA and maybe some 60s int0 MD, but there are signs it will not be that warm.

That is all for now. I will do some speculation in the Speculation areas soon!