Cold then much milder – How long will we stay mild? #midatlwx

Yes it is super cold! We had below zero temps due to that deep snowpack down in Southeastern Virginia. Temps will remain cold today, but improvement is coming. We mild up about 10 to 15 degrees tomorrow and then more the next with rain coming. Some freezing rain is likely in some of the Valleys Tuesday but the rain coming will warm the region and start the real melt. This milder pattern keeps going and getting to possibly 70s in the NC and MAYBE even southern Virginia Saturday. A front will approach next weekend and could both knock temps back some and cause a little frozen in the far Northern and Northwestern areas. I would not bet on any snow, but there was some interesting looks to the long range models.

What I would say is that, if you are a snow lover, the long range does not look good for potentially weeks. Now, I thought this before and some changes missed by the models initially came to pass. We are heading into the best climatological time for snow so I cannot think we do not have some things that are missed in models, but climate and reality are not the same necessarily. The anomalous pattern could bring record warmth too!


Warming after tomorrow

Rain Tuesday may have mixed freezing rain in Northwestern VA and Valleys

Warming by next weekend will mean 50s north and 70s south.

Maybe a little snow or something in the north next Sunday, but bet on rain for now.

Longer range looks way above normal on temperatures.