Changes! A little better chance of rain sooner – Tropics may get Fred

Well, when I took some time this evening to do a bit more analysis I saw several things I missed.
First, West Virginia is getting quite a bit of shower and thunderstorm activity. Some will spill into far western and southwestern Virginia.

Second, with the onshore flow, several showers and storms hit the Delmarva today and the Eastern Shore. This will persist!

Last, the system just off Africa could be Fred if it holds.. but he will likely be a fish storm!

So the easterly flow and a Cold Air Damming episode will set up and make the week pretty cool and cloudy with drizzle and light rain at night, and showers possible every day. This will be especially true in the Mountains with the up slope and the coastal plains with showers coming off the ocean. Of note, as the low off the SC coast slowly moves north, areas to the west and just to its north could see quite a bit of rain and even some severe weather is possible. Boating interests should take note as the persistent flow off the ocean and the gradient from this low and the High to the north will make the seas rough.

The week will see persistent East and Northeast winds and with the low approaching from the south , Southeastern Virginia and Eastern North Carolina could see quite a bit of rain.

Tracking 96L he looked pretty well together and the NHC has it currently as a moderate chance of a tropical system in the next 48 hours!

I will have some updates in the morning, but a showery and cool forecast is upon us.

All for now!!