Bit warm today – but nice – Maybe a shower or two Monday

Today will be a bit warmer than I first had thought we would see this weekend, but that is good for the last pool weekend of the summer.
We will continue pretty much dry. Monday could have some showers especially in the mountains. The rest of the week looks pretty dry, but Thursday and Friday a front will approach, but does not looks strong. Some showers could occur then.

Other than this, pretty much we will have seasonal temperatures.

Tropics: Tropics have calmed. there is a disturbance west of the Cape Verde that is showing a medium potential for possible tropical formation. As of now, I am not thinking much will occur.

Of note, Josh Morgerman of went and witnessed (chased) Hurricane Jimena when she came ashore on the Baja of California.. His posts at the Eastern Us Wx Forum are worth a read!;=465

Please get out and enjoy the weekend!