Big Snows! Who, what, when, where?!

With all the cold, maybe Disney is on your mind! Warmth and Fun and a great deal going on NOW. See below!

What we know:

  1. It is COLD! This will aid in a lot of snow, but coastal areas will still be rain
  2. There will be mixing in locations, and how far inland that mixing goes, will be fine tuning
  3. The storm is just about to enter the west coast, so we do NOT have all the data yet and that could mean some interesting changes!
  4. All forecast models have been saying this is a BIG snow along and west of I-81 to about I-95 for most of the northern 2/3rds of VA and most of Maryland west of coastal counties!
  5. WE SHOULD ALSO KNOW – We can get vastly different forecasts by weather models, but right now things are fairly strong supporting the snow

Snow amounts?

A LOT of forecast models are out there and they are able to paint maps of snow output. Some have shown 3 foot amounts and more for parts of NW VA, WV, and Central MD! The fine details are not there and these could be overdone.. OR EVEN UNDERDONE (We do not know) – These extreme aamounts are so rare you have to take pause and be realistic!

I did paint the map below with what the models show and my thinking if they are true! THIS IS A THOUGHT BASED ON MODELS and NOT A FORECAST!

Preliminary preparations should be made and ramped up as the forecast comes into focus!

NWS Threat table for WASHINGTON DC AREA:

Winter Storm Potential





Threat Table