PRAY FOR TEXAS! Mild/Cool- Showers. Low on East Coast with winds/rain – #midatlwx

It is hard to imagine the amount of rain that has already fallen in parts of the Houston area and more rain is on the way. Devastating, heart-wrenching, catastrophic.. just I cannot express how terrible I feel after reading tweets and Facebook posts of people in the storm! Please Pray for Texas and then look for practical ways to help, money or otherwise. Days, weeks, and years will be needed for people to recover. This is Houston’s Katrina.

For our weather, a stalled out front along the East Coast will pick up a tropical system near Florida and ride up along the coast. Rain from the storm could be several inches along the coast. Due to easily winds and rough water, rip currents are already a problem so please heed lifeguards and be very safe. Heavy rain and gusty winds will mainly be confined to coastal areas. Elsewhere the easterly fetch and a low-pressure coming up the coast should increase the chance of rain over the next several days. Very cool conditions for this time a year with highs struggling to reach  70° in northern areas and in the low and mid-70s to the South on Monday. Temperatures will increase slightly through the week and will reach 80 in the north by Thursday. As of now, drier air will start to push into the region Thursday and this could set up a very nice weekend.

Longer-term a chance exists for a front any coastal low sometime in the first week of September. There is a chance that this could bring much cooler air into the region sometime late that first week. Since this is so far out I would not plan on it yet but it is something I wanted to share

All for now.