Wet/windy/Wet snow? Colder by next weekend – no real snow threats! #Midatlwx

Sorry I have so quiet on the weather side of things. The storm in the South is headed this way and severe wetaher is likely in the Carolinas, especially South Carolina! We could get some downpours and area wide it looks like 1 to 2 inches of rain is possible. When it is raining heavy it will be windy, especially along the coast! Of note, we have the upper levels of this system passing right over top part of the area. IN WINTER, when that happens, there could be some surprising very wet snow mixed in for a while, but do not count on it really outside of the mountains and with it so warm, accumulations would be smaller! This milder period will continue until later next week when we look like we get colder. AS OF NOW, I am thinking cold and dry conditions for the week after next. Winter weather does not look likely with this colder stretch which is disconcerting for Northern VA and MD that has been missed by most snow this year! Last year, on this date, the BIG ONE hit and that was all we needed to have above normal snow for many areas! Expect wet conditions to continue and heavy showers later this evening into tomorrow. In heaviest of the precipitation, we will see some gusty winds. Southeastern VA and NC, an especially SC, need to be very weather aware over the next 24 hours as severe is a possibility. IF things get really heavy when the upper-level system pulls through, a period of mixed rain and snow is not out of the question for the northern VA/MD and Mountain areas, but I would not count on this! Things clear on Tuesday and by next Saturday we are in the 30s and 40s again! If you know people in the Southeast from South Carolina to the Northern part of Florida, tell them to take this severe threat very seriously! Tornadoes are very likely and these will be the more intense and long-lived type!